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Class descriptions and instructor bio's are below. 
Syllabus material will be available for download
HERE one week before the Heritage Faire.
There will be NO printed class materials provided at the Faire so please make sure to print what you want before attending.
Celeste Guillory: 
Using the Family History Center Portal (FHC Portal)
Each Family History Center has FREE fee-based programs to help with genealogical research. Whether you are French, Scandinavian, Irish or many generations in the United States or have ancestors who were in the military, there is a helpful program to use when in the Family History Center. The presenter of this class will run through the 15+ programs you many not know about and encourage all researchers to take advantage of these resources to help fill in the blanks on your pedigree chart.

Celeste Guillory came from the San Francisco Bay Area twenty years ago and now lives in Grants Pass. She is a volunteer at the Grants Pass Family History Center and the Jackson County Genealogical Library in Medford. She belongs to many genealogy groups and is the president of the Grants Pass Genealogical Society. She will speak about THE PORTAL and the many free fee-based programs available at all Family History Centers for patrons to use.  

Lena Harmon:  
Beginning Genealogy
This class is for the beginner who wants to learn how to start Family History Research, organization, and where to start in the family.

FH Guide (Family History Guide)
Have you heard about the Family History Guide?  In this class we will show you where to find it and all about what is inside the FH Guide.

FamilySearch Wiki
The FamilySearch Wiki is a great resource for genealogists everywhere!  We will discover all the places you can go for searching records, finding maps, documents to assist you in keeping track of your research and much more at the Wiki!!

Programs for Keeping Your Tree/Online vs. Software
Do you keep your tree online or on your computer?  This class will show you multiple options for storing your family history research, pictures, and files.   

Social Media and Genealogy
Have you used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Blogs and wondered if you could use them for genealogy?  Lena will teach you the best ways to protect yourself while using these social media sites while sharing and collaborating with others on these popular sites.  She will also show you how to create your own genealogy blog that will help you share your family history in this modern world of technology. 

Lena Harmon:
Lena Harmon has been doing genealogy for 40+ years. She has served as a past director of the Redding CA Family History Center, and as a World Wide Support FamilySearch Support Missionary which offers support to individuals around the globe in Family History Products supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is currently serving as the Shasta Genealogical Society Editor. Her passion is to teach people how to do genealogy the “right” way the first time. Her specialty is keeping up with the changes in technology, new websites, and new software programs as they become available, and then learning each so she may teach them to others as they are valuable resources to our Family History efforts. 

Marian Ladd:
Organizing Your Files 
Exploring ways to keep yourself organized whether it is paper files, research binders, or digital files. Find a way to get yourself organized.

Marian is currently the Redding Stake Heritage Faire Coordinator.  She has been helping in the Family History Center for over 20 years and have been doing genealogy off and on for the past 40+ years.  She enjoys finding new ancestors and learning new ways to do genealogy research.

Melinda Kashuba:
Researching the Civil War: Union Service and Pensions
   The Civil War was the first American war that created a vast amount of information about participants: their military service, regimental and battle histories as well as social and demographic information. This lecture will focus records related to draft registration, enlistment, military service, prison, pension and burial records. Tips to searching for these records on Ancestry, Fold 3, and Family Search will be offered. 

Researching the Civil War: Confederate Service and Pensions
   Researching Confederate ancestry requires knowledge about both state and federal records. Unlike Union research, Confederate records are housed in many locations. Some records were captured by Union troops and are retained in the National Archives. This presentation will focus on the where to search for military and pension records related to Confederate service with particular emphasis on volunteer and guard units which were very important in Southern states. Confederate prison records will also be discussed.

Brad Ogden:
Early LDS Pioneer History

The Power of a Family History Story/Biography

Bradford Ogden is the past Director of the Chico CA Family History Library. He has been actively involved in writing and publishing biographical articles and books regarding family ancestors. He has an particular interest in using technology tools to discover new information and connections. He is a member of the National Genealogical Society and Paradise Genealogical Society. He and his wife Teri have lived in Chico for over 30 years are the parents of five children.

Mike Witesman: 
The Positives and Pitfalls of DNA Testing – (Understanding Autosomal (at) DNA)   
You have taken the AncestryDNA (or other DNA) test and do not understand the results. Or you want to test but are concerned about those stories of Uncle ??? This class will target the questions you should or want to ask. You will learn of individuals who discovered unexpected information about their family (new half siblings, cousins, etc). You will find that atDNA testing can help YOU find a distant relative? DNA testing has helped many and frustrated others. This class will identify testing labs and explain the costs and benefits of testing. This class is appropriate for those considering Autosomal DNA testing and those who have tested.  

DNA – Roundtable Discussion of DNA Testing and Experiences
Anyone who has had their DNA tested or is considering being tested can benefit from the experiences of others. This is your chance to find answers or places you may find those answers. Bring your questions (and test results if you have them). WE WILL HAVE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT Y-DNA AND MT-DNA.

Mike has been dabbling in genealogy for over twenty-five years. He resorted to DNA testing to penetrate a brickwall. Mike found that available DNA testing classes scratched the surface and left too many questions unanswered. Experience is a great educator and he has discovered the benefits and pitfalls of genealogical DNA testing.